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Complete 360 Meal Shake

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Our Complete 360 Meal is an intelligent, nutritious, complete vegan meal. Hailed as the future of fast-food, each meal contains the perfect balance of protein, carbs, fats & fibre. Plus, 25 of the most intelligent micronutrients your body needs to flourish, including a clever serving of probiotics. It's everything that your body craves but your busy life misses. Each meal is fully plant based and uses 8 natural, thoughtfully sourced core ingredients; including premium oats, our innovative tri-protein blend, flax seed, avocado oil, MCTs straight from coconuts, and ashwagandha. This unique and innovative recipe delivers wholesome health benefits whilst it's plant based and palm oil free origins naturally reduce your environmental impact. Added to that, with zero food waste, a fresh seal pouch and a full year's shelf life not only does it help protect the planet, it also protects your pocket. From as little as £1.69 a meal, this complete meal is an anytime, on-the-go, healthy choice that's also rich and indulgent in flavour, texture and taste.

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