Lora Dicarlo

Lora DiCarlo Carezza

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Unique pinpoint stimulation clitoral massager Harnesses PercussionTouch™ technology which mimics human touch Delivers stimulation to the clitoris and other erogenous zones 10 intensity settings Made from soft-touch, medical-grade silicone 100% waterproof Rechargeable via magnetic charging Harnessing patent-pending PercussionTouch™ technology, Carezza is a whole new pleasure experience. Delivering a sensation like no other, Carezza mimics the touch of a finger pulsating on your clitoris - or any other areas you want to stimulate. With 10 intensity settings, this palm-fit device lets you experiment with light tapping to more intense sensations. It has a completely unique pinpoint stimulation too which hits the spot every time - thanks to clever microrobotics engineering.

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