LYMA Active Mist 40ml - Duo Pack

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Prep mist two-pack for LYMA Laser Packed with 36% nourishing active stabilised oxygen Mist includes orchid extract helps skin cells turnover Primner is PH balanced to soothe and smooth Lightweight vegan-friendly mist 2 bottles of 40ml spray included Apply 6 pumps before the LYMA Priming Serum and LYMA Laser treatment Use the LYMA Double Active Mist as the first part of your LYMA system. Designed in 3 steps, the LYMA Double Active Mist goes on first to soothe, nourish and replenish the upper skin layer. Then the LYMA Priming Mist is added to go deeper and help the LYMA Laser penetrate through the dermis. The LYMA Double Active Mist contains a high 36% concentration of active stabilised oxygen which helps slow the ageing process. Then the Japanese orchid extract layers on additional communication between cells for more turnover. Simply use

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