Trophy Skin

Trophy Skin Replacement Filters (100 Pack)

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Replacement filters suitable for Trophy Skin MicrodermMD and MiniMD Replacement filters for Trophy Skin Microderm MD and MiniMD 100 count per pack Helps prolong the effectiveness of your device Avoids device becoming clogged Visibly able to see results Prevents damage to the suction motor We recommend that you change the filter in your MicrodermMD or MiniMD after every use as this helps protect your device from the skin particles removed. The pure wool construction of these filters traps the dead skin and impurities during your treatment. This enables you to visibly see the results and fight against damage to the Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion devices. 100 pack of Trophy Skin Replacement Filters suitable for MicrodermMD and MiniMD

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