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ZIIP Beauty Golden Conductive Gel 80ml

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An innovative way to treat your skin Designed to be used with the ZIIP device Enhances the device’s performance Stimulates the growth of new collagen Packed with anti-ageing potent, active ingredients Contains gold-extract and sea water Stimulates healing and encourages lymphatic drainage Made to be used with the ZIIP Beauty Nano Current Skincare device, this Golden Conductive Gel enhances the conductivity of the device to focus the cell-energising electricity where it’s needed most. Packed with potent, active ingredients, the gel treatment literally ‘conducts’ and ‘pulls’ the electrical currents into the skin along with the the gel’s electrode-rich dehydrated sea water and gold extract. This potent mix ‘activates’ tired sluggish skin and kick starts collagen production, transforming the skin. ZIIP Golden

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