Ziip Beauty

ZIIP Silver Gel 80ml

629 kr
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The magic link between your ZIIP device and your skin Packed with glow-inducing actives Can be used alone, as a mask or with the ZIIP device Plumps and brightens skin Hydrates dry, dull skin Silicone, oil and paraben-free The missing link between your ZIIP device and your skin, the ZIIP Silver Gel enables the electrical currents from your Nano Current Skincare device effectively penetrate the skin. Formulated with a sugar complex that is one of the most conductive materials on earth, it’s designed to accelerate the energetic delivery of current from the device, ensuring you get fast, effective results. ZIIP Beauty Silver Gel (80ml)

Ziip Beauty är ett av våra märken som säljs direkt av Currentbody.

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