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Faba Bean Protein Concentrate

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What Is Faba Bean Protein Concentrate? Faba Bean Protein Concentratefrom THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is a dairy-free, pulse protein that is available exclusively from TPW™. It is derived from the highest quality pure Faba Beans and is fast becoming one of the most popular plant-based proteins in sports nutrition. It is high in fibre, allergen free and each serving provides 16g of protein which is proven to aid in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Faba Bean Protein Concentrate is ideal for those with food allergies who are looking to supplement a high protein diet with an all-natural vegan-friendly protein source. The faba bean, more commonly known as the broad bean, is a flowering plant in from the legume family. It’s native to the Middle East and is now grown locally in the Mediterranean, Canada, Africa and Asia. Like most other legumes, Faba beans are high in protein and according to nutritional historians are one of the world’s oldest superfoods. How do we know? Because seed remains have been found in the earliest human settlements. This makes Faba Bean Protein Concentrate one of the most awesome and ancient sources of protein in nutrition today.   How To Use Faba Bean Protein Concentrate? Here at TPW™ Towers, a pouch of Faba Bean Protein Concentrate in the canteen cupboard is an absolute must. This is due to sheer number of sweet and savoury dishes that can created using this multi-purpose protein! Due to its mild taste and aroma it’s perfect to use as a base ingredient in baking as it is for use in shakes and smoothies. With a list of potential recipe options as long as your arm, it’s pretty clear why Faba Bean Protein Concentrate is creating such as buzz in the nutrition foodiverse.

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