The Protein Works™

Platinum Shaker

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The Platinum Shaker incorporates a smoked body with a stunning platinum lid and is exclusive to THE PROTEIN WORKS™. This protein shaker incorporates precision German engineering and exceptional quality to pretty much eliminate a protein shaker spillage incident ever occurring. It is also fitted with a mesh inside the shaker head to ensure super smooth shakes every time. It’s ideal for those who mix nutrient dense shakes or those who use thicker ingredients. Having said this, Buchsteiner shakers are some of the bestselling shakers in the world so we stand here with confidence and say you can leak free mix any one of our shakes in this baby!

Platinum Shaker finns i kategorin Accessories > Shaker Bottles. The Protein Works™ är ett av märkena i vår butik och det säljs direkt av The Protein Works.

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Varumärke: The Protein Works™
Kategori: Accessories > Shaker Bottles
Artikelnummer: ACCMIXMSIVER700ML
Säljs av: The Protein Works