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Rawtella is a healthy, luxurious Protein Chocolate Hazelnut Spread which is brought to you by nutritionists and chocolatiers of the THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Nuttery! An all-natural nut butter containing nothing but the finest 100% pure ingredients, Rawtella hailed as one of the healthiest vegan friendly chocolate spreads on the planet. Providing a similar rich, smooth taste and texture to a family favourite spread that you find on supermarket shelves, but with none of the additional nasties. Made using premium grade hazelnut butter and a premium blend of raw chocolate powder, vegan coconut milk powder and a splash of virgin organic coconut oil for a taste experience you won’t soon forget. Click on the Product to see full information for your absolute peace of mind.

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Varumärke: The Protein Works™
Kategori: Foods / Snacks > Nut Butters
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