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The Juggernaut

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The Legend Of The Juggernaut The Juggernaut is a heavy duty training bottle designed for only the dedicated. Equipped with a whopping 2.2 litres of capacity - that's half a gallon in old skool - constant refilling is a thing of the past. Whether you're taking on the Sahara or a beast of a gym session, you can now laugh at dehydration and focus on that all elusive PB. The team at TPW™ Towers were queuing up to get their hands on the Juggernaut as soon as they landed, and after putting this new kid through its paces, the consensus is a 'must-buy'. Not bad from the most demanding team in sports nutrition.   The Juggernaut Exposed As with any TPW™ accessory, it offers exceptional quality and an eye-catching design. Despite its sheer size, the Juggernaut possesses an ergonomic design and is seriously durable due to its heavy-duty plastic construction. It's even dish-washer friendly if you have a dish-washer big enough!

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